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Shifu Shi Guo Song's Biography 中文鏈接
34th generation Shaolin Wushu (Martial Arts) monk
7th generation Shaolin Fo Han Boxing Master

One of the Ten Famous Arhats (Top Temple Guards) in Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng, Henan Province, China; hold the post of the Chief Coach of Shaolin martial arts monk group.

Guo Song began learning martial arts at the age of six and was accepted into the Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng, Henan Province, China at the age of thirteen. Under Shaolin martial arts monk Master Shi Yong Ding, he studied Shaolin Kung Fu, whereas he also studied Buddhism and become a monk under Master Shi Sheng Ci.

Guo Song has been trained in martial arts for over 25 years and has mastered many different martial arts styles, including Shaolin boxing and weaponry. He has been invited to visit over twenty foreign countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Korea, America, Canada, Germany to perform martial arts for cultural exchange.

1992visit Singapore with “Shaolin Buddhist Cultural Delegation” of Songshan Shaolin Temple for cultural of Buddhist and martial arts exchange.
1993 he won the championship of male sword in China North and South Shaolin Wushu (martial art Competition).
1995 visited Canada with Martial Arts Monk group and participate multicultural function to perform Martical Arts, in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Vancouver.
1996 he founded the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Deng Fong, Henan, China
1997 he has been invited by Japan Shaolin Quanfa (boxing) Association to participate their 50th Anniversary Conference for Martial Arts exchange.
1998 on teaching martial arts tour around Italy
1998 he was awarded one of “Shaolin Ten Greatest Martial Arts Boxing Style” Boxer (he was the youngest Master granted with this prestige rank at the time); and was given the title of “Shaolin Eighteen Luohan (Arhat)” by Shaolin Temple (China). Invited to join TV Learning Video Production of “Shaolin Ten Greatest Martial Arts Boxing Style – Mei Hua Quan”. Help editing the book “Shaolin Temple Tradition Wushu Encyclopaedia”.
1999 he won the Gold Prize of male boxing in the Wushu (martial arts) World Tournament in Canada
2000 invited by Russia TV to take part of a documentary about the cultural of Shaolin martial arts.
2001 he was awarded championship of China Dengdian Cup National Shaolin Martial Arts Contest in male Boxing and Cudgel Playing
2002 he was recognized as a qualified Wrestling Coach and a qualified Boxing Coach by National Athletic Bureau in China. Being assessed as the “6th Degree Expert (Dan) ” by the National Athletic Bureau in China.
2003 led Shaolin Martial Arts Monks in Malaysia to perform Martial Arts for Chinese School Fundraising.
2004 he was awarded championship of The First World Traditional Wushu (martial arts) Festival in male Boxing and 2nd runner up in Cudgel Playing
2004 Abbot of “China Songshan Shaolin Temple” in San Francisco U.S.A. and founded the “Shaolin Foundation” in San Francisco U.S.A.
2005 awarded by the Government of USA California. also awarded by the Government of San Francisco proclaimed May 12 as a “Master Guo Song Day” in San Francisco.
2007 he has been invited by US Alonzo King Lines Ballet to participate the opera “Long River High Sky”. This is the first time Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts fused with ballet. And the performance in San Francisco resulted with great success.
2007 Junehe has been invited by Canada city of Markham, Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham and Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario to perform Shaolin Martial Arts in the event 5th Anniversary of Taste of Asia 2007.
2007 Julyinvited by city of Markham Government to perform Shaolin Martial Arts in National Day.
2007 he founded the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Toronto, Canada, taught Shaolin Wushu, Qi Gong, Meditation and promote China Shaolin Temple culture.
2009 he founded Shaolin Luohan Temple non-profit charity organization in Toronto, Canada; helped weakness, valetudinarians and raising these engrossed with Wushu (martial arts).
2010 Juneled his students in Toronto to perform in the event 8th Anniversary of Taste of Asia 2010.
2011 promote “Children Meditation”, help to further develop of children’s wisdom and enhance the concentration on learning. By this topic, he has been interviewed by Fairchild Television of Canada.
2013 invited by CBC Television of Canada to take part of a documentary “Master of the City”, to promote Shaolin traditional martial arts and the spirit of “Chan”.
2013 to start “Stretching Exercise” free class for seniors and chronic pain sufferers to help them improve the quality of life.
2014 October led 35 students from Markham, Toronto and Montreal school to compete in the 10th International Shaolin Wushu Festival at Zengzhou. China. Event attracted 1870 athletes from 63 countries, we have brought over 60 medals back to Canada.
2015 led his students to perform in “2015 CNTV Chinese New Year Gala” of Canada National TV, and gains awards for "The Best Choreographer for 2015", and "The Excellent Program for 2015".
2015 invited by Fairchild Television of Canada to take part of a documentary “Mandarin Profile” to share his experience of his Chan and Kung Fu life.
2016 led his students to perform in “2016 CNTV Chinese New Year Gala” of Canada National TV, and gains awards for Excellent Program Award, and Most Popular Program Online.
2016 July he dispatched 25 students to complete “18th Orlando Florida International Chinese Martial Arts Championship” in USA. We won over 50 medals, one student was awarded the “Master Grand Champion”.
2016 Octoberhe dispatched 9 students from Markham school to complete in the 11th International Shaolin Wushu Festival at Zengzhou, China which attracted over 1.5 thousand athletes, we won over 30 medals back to Canada.
2017 led his students to celebrate 150th Canada, to perform in “The Chinese Communities Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada Live TV Gala. and also led 150 students support the Government of Canada Ontario Richmond Hill to celebrate 150th Canada, to perform in the community activity “The Richmond Hill Times Square Summer Carnival 2017”. Awarded by the Government of Canada Ontario Richmond Hill.
2018 August led 51 students to complete in the 13th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition in Hong Kong, China which attracted over two thousand athletes to participate. We won over 130 medals, as well as being named the “Best Sports Team”, five of our students were awarded the “Best Athlete Award”, one student achieved the 5th place in Group B Men’s All-rounded Performance; a 3 year old student was awarded the “Kungfu Wonder Kid”.
2020 Februaryas invited by Red Ocean Group’s Canada China Youth Art, led Kungfu students to participate shooting a promotional video to support Wuhan, China in fighting COVID-19.
一九九六年於中國河南登封创辦“少林寺拳法学院”以弘扬传播少林正宗 拳法。
一九九七年受日本少林拳法联盟邀请,出访日本少林拳法联盟成立50周年 大會作武術文化交流。
一九九八年被少林寺选为“少林十大名拳”拳师之一(是當時最年輕的一 位拳师),及获“少林十八罗汉”称号。
二00二年被中國國家體育總局考核,認可為合格“摔跤教練”和 “拳擊教練”。 經中國國家體育總局考核,評定為“國家武術六段”。
二00四年获中国郑州"首届世界传统武术"大赛,少林拳第一名,棍术第 二名。
二00四年赴美国旧金山任“中国嵩山少林寺三藩市分院”住持,及成立 “三藩市少林寺基金會”。
二00五年获美國加洲政府嘉奖。及获美國加洲三藩市政府嘉奖,並定三藩 市于5月12日为释果松日。
二00七年四月受美国著名芭蕾舞团Alonzo Kings Lines Ballet邀请,合演“长河高空”舞剧,这是首次将中国少林武术元素融入芭蕾艺术,在三藩市演出获得极大成功。
二00七年六月被萬錦市政府,萬錦市加華聯會以及安省回教協會邀请出席加拿大萬锦市第五届萬锦市嘉年华活动Taste Of Asia 2007作表演嘉宾。
二00七年十一月於加拿大多倫多成立“少林寺拳法學院”教授少林傳統功夫,少林氣功,靜坐, 推廣中國少林寺千年文化。
二0一0年帶同多倫多學生於加拿大萬锦市第八屆萬錦市嘉年華活動Taste Of Asia 2010作少林武術演出。
二0一三年接受加拿大CBC電視台之《Master of the City》記錄片拍攝。
二0一五年率領學生參與加拿大國家電視台舉辦之《海外春晚》演出, 獲得<優異編導獎>, 及少林功夫<優異節目獎>。
二0一六年率領學生參與加拿大國家電視台舉辦之《海外春晚》演出, 獲得<最佳網絡人氣獎>, 及<優秀節目獎>。
二0一六年七月,派25名學生前往美國參加“第十八屆美國佛羅里達州奧蘭多國際中國武術比賽”,獲25枚金牌,其他獎項超過二十多個, 其中一名學員取得全場總冠軍。
二0一七年率領學生參與由加拿大國家電視台主辦“百家華人社團共慶 加拿大建國150週年暨<我愛加拿大>全球電視直播大型晚會” 節目演出助慶。 同年帶領150名學生參與支持慶祝加拿大建國150週年活動演出, 获加拿大安省烈治文山市政府嘉奖。
二0二0年應“加中青少年文化藝術協會” 邀請率領學生參與拍攝《武漢加油》宣傳片,支持中國武漢抗疫。